4 Importance Of Creative Design In Mobile Apps UI Design

Importance Of Creative Design

With technology getting smarter and millions of apps already existing on various platforms, making your app stand out is really tough. Even the ideas seem saturated and developers have no other option than to redesign and recreate the existing ideas. But there is still an effective way of getting app stand out – Creative Design.

How an app look is the first feature that people notice, even before they download it. The first visual impression can affect the overall user experience and can even impact the eventual success of an app.

A good example of this is Apple who was able to surpass the competition in the mobile market because of its iOS looking better. If you too want to use the power of creative design in the interest of your app, then here check these 4 Mobile Ux Design Tips To Create User Friendly Apps.

  • Focus on Creative Design

Web design was important, but at present, your focus must be on creative design. Each mobile design has its own set of rules and expectations. So, when you are designing for the mobile market, don’t let web design standards intervene.

Though you must maintain consistency of feel and look across devices, you must also consider the conventions that even established for the mobile operating systems. Southwest is an excellent example for this. This mobile app incorporates web design elements but has been clearly designed to offer optimal user experience on mobile.

  • Simplicity is Best

The present mobile app design is simplicity. Clean intuitive interfaces that allow easy navigation and are not flashy are the most preferred ones among the customers. ‘Less is more.’ This is a standard in mobile app design.

Instagram is one of the best examples of this success, which combined a great idea with easy-to-use and simple design and intuitive functionality. No matter to which industry you belong, you can do the same thing with your app.

  • Incorporate Fun Elements

There would hardly be any user who does not like fun, and this is especially true when you are talking about mobile apps. Try to make your mobile app fun. This means you must incorporate fun elements such as cool textures, bright colors, fun buttons, 3D effects, and more other options to it. A perfect balance of fun and simplicity can make your app stand out in the market.

Just consider the examples of Wunderlist, Groupon, and Yelp. All these popular apps have taken the advantage of interesting creative design and fun elements while keeping the overall interface simple and clean.

You just have to keep your audience in mind while designing the app. Take a look at ‘Take Brwski Me’ for example where every single design element from fonts, texture, buttons, and more, everything is taken into account on interests and preferences of the target audience.

  • Create a Design that Matches with Performance of the App

Custom aspects, especially which are needed for the actions and animations, all such aspects of the design must match in the performance of the app. Visual aspects must not deteriorate the performance of the app. If the design is not compatible and responsive, mobile developers need to spend much more effort than they think and the coding architecture of the app would appear like garbage.

Also, when introducing new elements, the design must be brief so that the developers can complete coding correctly.


Mobile developers, as well as designers, must be excited for new trends and technologies to code great apps. Designers must be prepared for upcoming challenges, and presently you must consider these mobile UX design tips to create user friendly apps.