30 Creative Logo Design ideas and inspiration from top logo designers

30 Creative Logo Design

Logo designing is one of the important factors in brand marketing. A simple, yet effective logo design is one of the essential steps in brand and business promotion. Creative logo designs offer a little insight into what the business stands for. Creative logo designs require softwares which are easily available in the market. You can use these free logo design softwares for creative logos: Canva, LogoYes, Laughingbird, Adobe Illustrator, Sothink, Designhill and more. The most famous logo designers are: Paul Rand, Saul Bass, Carolyn Davidson, Rob Janoff, Walter Landor, Ruth Kedar, Michael Bierut and more. Some of the most iconic logo designs are Google(Ruth kedar), FedEx(Lindon Leader), Nike(Carolyn Davidson), General Dynamics(Erik Nitsche) and more.